Web-based tool fo Audience Reporting

Instar Analytics Web is a powerful tool to report audiences based on Television, Radio or Internet.

Mainly thought as being a Web front-end using Instar Analytics Desktop as the engine, and the API as the connection interface. It can also work with precalculated data or other audience measurement software.

Its powerful dashboard creation capabilities will bring data to life, combining the power of customised interactive dashboards accessible from any device with the calculation capabilities of Instar Analytics.

Instar Analytics Web is already in use in countries as Brazil, Spain, Malaysia or Turkey.

Comprehensive Reporting Tool

Fully customisable outputs to display audiences, multiple visualisations to undestand the results:

Multi Device Application Support

Designed with laptops, desktops and tablets on mind, Instar Analytics Web can also be accessed from smartphones.

Instar Analytics Web has Multilanguage support and the visual appearance can be customised.

From Data to Insights

Powerful drill-down capabilities to understand results and identify your audiences.

Instar Analytics Web will help you turn source data into meaningful insights.

For instance, in a weekly audience graphic by channel we can drill down to see why there is a peak in one day's audiences, and move to a top programs report. There, if we are interesed in one specific program, it is possible to drill down an show the audience by target of this program.

Well-defined user roles

Dashboard designer

Able to create new reports, decide the layout of the dashboard and customise the options of the interface.

Standard user

Flexibility to choose the necessary elements for a report (targets, dates, etc.) to obtain the desired results.

Report Sharing and Scheduling

Reports can be exported in a wide range of formats, and also be shared by e-mail.

It is also possible to schedule frequently need reports and receive results automatically by e-mail.

Multiple Data Sources

Instar Analytics Web can combine information from several data sources in the same dashboard.

For instance, in one single dashboard information from two diferent IAD configurations, Google Spreadsheets and external data which can come from twitter, social media or other sources.

Why would I need it? Because...

Instar Analytics Web is a powerful tool to report audiences based on Television, Radio or Internet.

It works adjusting reports to the screen's size: PC/Laptops, Tablets o mobile phones

It is centrally hosted; there is nothing to be installed by a user.

It is simple, fast, intuitive.

It can export and email any of its dashboards, so insights can be shared with any contacts.

... and it is powered by the Instar Desktop engine!


Server Side

IIS Web Server

Check IAD/API Requirements

User Side

A device that uses one of these browsers:

Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari or Microsoft Edge.