Instar Analytics Desktop IEA

Integrated Engine Access

Allows retrieving data from Instar Analytics Desktop through a REST API.

Most common analyses can be replicated with the IEA.

It is accessible from any platform through Internet.

Can be easily integrated with other third-party or in-house applications.

What is an IEA?

IEA is the acronym for Integrated Engine Access. IEA is a software intermediarie that, through an API interface, allows two applications to communicate with each other.

IAD IEA creates a connectivity interface to the application, which is developer-friendly and easy accessible.

It possible to retrieve data from Instar Analytics to be used in third party products or in custom applications, in a easily accessible way using the REST API protocol.

The IEA is also recommended to create live reports which update automatically combining Instar Analytics results and other sources data.

An IEA with a short learning curve... integrate Instar Analytics data everywhere

How can I benefit from using the IEA?

Integrate data from Instar Analytics directly into owned systems regardless of the platform.

Potential access to multiple sources of data in a seamless way (TV, OTT,...)

Integration with owned visualisation tools to automate reports (alternative to Instar Analytics for Web)

Access to smaller clients for specific requests Tighten links with clients (programmatic, content analysis,...)

First step to global centralization:

Reduction of issues with data distribution
Reduction of issues with version installation
Easier upgrade
Easier data reload

...with all the metrics and calculation power of Instar Analytics available!

Use case: Worldwide Olympic Games Audiences

Multi country audience data can be retreived using the Instar Analytics API and can be used in external tools to create customized visualizations.

Use case: ROI (Advertisment Campaign broadcast vs Sales)

Data available in Instar Analytics can be merged with data from other softwares to provide meaningfull insights that can automatically be updated periodically.

Use case: Specific mobile-app to show daily channel ranking

Data available in Instar Analytics can be requested from an in-house developed mobile app, solving clients specific requests.


Server Side

A server with Instar Desktop as back-end, and Instar Cloud as IEA.

Server's required power will depend on number of concurrent queries and type of queries.

IIS with Windows Server.

User Side

Any website or application that could connect to a web service via HTTP/HTTPS.