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Collect, process, combine and visualize data sets to serve all of your research needs efficiently with nexTEdge.
With the fast-changing world of TV audience measurement becoming more complex, nexTEdge is a way to simplify your analysis without compromising the quality of the data. Combining data and user interface from the AdvantEdge engine and Instar web, nexTEdge makes it easier than ever to standardise reporting, analyse data in both a country-by-country format or in a multi-country context, whilst maintaining the gold standard rules. Whether you have a need to analyse advertising, track campaigns or analyse programmes, nexTEdge is able to provide you with a customised set of applications – all in an easy to read and visual format.

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AdvantEdge is a full service TV- analysis tool. AdvantEdge is the most comprehensive and feature rich analysis tool on the market today.
AdvantEdge is used by all major international broadcasters and media agencies for analysis and optimization in over 60 markets across the world.
AdvantEdge is fast and offers a unique user friendly interface. The reporting features are flexible and comprehensive.
AdvantEdge is unique in its ability to work with complex analysis in a user friendly environment. It is very fast compared to local software applications. The output is flexible to work with both in list view, tabular view and its graphical environment.


AdvantEdge was launched in year 2000 and is constantly being improved through feedback from our dedicated clients around the world.
AdvantEdge is calibrated according to the gold standard calculation rules in each market, and offers full insight to all demographic values in the dataset including customized viewer behavior targets. AdvantEdge calculates ratings, shares, affinity, profile, reach & frequency, duplication, migration and switching etc. The information is displayed in a unique crosstab environment offering powerful analytical capabilities within AdvantEdge, and features many graphical outputs.

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Instar Analytics for DesktopInstar Analytics for Desktop

It is the flagship of the Instar suite; a comprehensive syndicated tool for analysis and reporting of TAM and VAM data, which allows the users to analyse data in-depth to enhance your advertising planning, and make fast and easy programming decisions.

  • Usable by all types of users, from beginners to advanced
  • Several reports can be run in a single template
  • Whole Range of reports available (timebands, programs, commercials, planning, VOD, adEx, etc)
  • Possibility to create pre defined templates for the most used analyses and simplify the interface through the workspace concept
  • Drill-down analysis: possibility to go from one report to another without the need to redo a set up


Instar Analytics is employed by 9.000 users in more than 30 countries, including some of the most demanding markets in the world, such as China, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Russia or Brazil.

  • Range of visualisation reports available (advanced graph tool, treemaps, etc)
  • Background calculations and possibility to run calculations in parallel
  • Scheduled and highly customized batch calculations
  • Multiple export formats (xls, csv, html, pdf, txt, jpg, gif)
  • Scalable architecture (32b/64b/UNICODE)

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AvantEdge UltraAdvantEdge Ultra

Ultra is a platform and service on which AdvantEdge is hosted, designed for processing very large or census-based respondent level datasets. The user interface is the well-known AdvantEdge interface with a few modifications. The flexibility of runtime processing of respondent level data on large data volumes happens in the Audience Cloud through a new, ground-breaking calculation engine developed to take advantage of modern IT infrastructure in an environment controlled entirely by TechEdge.

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Instar Analytics for WebInstar Analytics for Web

Instar Analytics Web is a powerful tool to report audiences based on Television, Radio or Internet. Mainly thought as being a Web front-end using Instar Analytics Desktop as the engine, and the Instar or AdvantEdge API as the connection interface. It can also work with precalculated data or other audience measurement software.
Its powerful dashboard creation capabilities will bring data to life, combining the power of customised interactive dashboards accessible from any device with the calculation capabilities of TechEdge calculation engines.

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K2 is a strategic channel & daypart optimizer using empiric data and a transparent methodology to ensure that the optimized results are realistic and achievable.
K2 is used by all major sales houses and agencies for planning commercial campaigns and optimizing reach.
K2 can be used to analyze which channel/daypart combination returns the highest effective reach, or to search for a strategy offering the best value of cost per rating and reach.


In addition K2 offers a very extensive cover guide section. The K2 optimizer enables you to make realistic scenarios through a series of filters and parameters, and it is easy to compare optimized solutions against real campaign results. You can apply fixed or variable costs and optimize one or several campaigns simultaneously.

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The Sponsorship module allows users to easily estimate ratings, reach and cost when considering sponsoring a specific program or programs within a certain daypart, and combine this with other on-air activity to see overall impact.
Sponsorship campaigns build reach and frequency differently to regular spot campaigns which makes it a challenge to estimate.


Furthermore sponsorship campaigns often need to be tied in with regular commercial and promotional campaigns to see the overall impact on ratings and reach. The sponsorship module has been developed specifically to address these challenges and provide a simple yet powerful way to assess sponsorship campaigns.

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Re-allocator is designed to take an existing spot campaign and manually or automatically remove and insert new spots to see what effect it has on the ratings and reach levels. The campaign re-allocator works on empiric data using an actual historic campaign selected by the user. The user selects the period, brand, target, sales houses etc.


The system will calculate all key figures for the campaign and display a summary of all key figures as well as a spot-by-spot listing. Re-allocator has a range of filters which makes it very user friendly and allows you a full overview of all parameters and key figures which are instantly updated as you make changes to the campaign.

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AdvantEdge Cross MediaAdvantEdge Cross Media

AdvantEdge Cross Media takes actual TV impacts and actual Digital impacts and combines the two data sources to calculate individual, combined and unique reach and ratings.
In AdvantEdge Cross Media it is possible to track one brand across both TV and Digital platforms and measure the combined effect and the unique reach each platform has.
It is based on empirical data sources from both platforms.


The model to combine the sources to calculate ratings and reach is based on a unique, mathematical sound and transparent model. TV ratings are calculated to Gold Standard without in any way altering the TV data results. Digital ratings are reported in AdvantEdge Cross Media as reported by the digital data provider.

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Karma Cross MediaKarma Cross Media

KxM is a cross-media optimization tool that combines empiric data sources to estimate effective reach and frequency (R&F) and impressions for an advertising campaign across different media types.
In the absence of true single-source data, the KxM model is based on data from the official Television Audience Measurement (TAM) panel combined with reach curves from other media types (e.g. Online, Radio, Cinema etc.).


KxM finds the optimal budget allocation between media types to maximize effective reach.
KxM handles all data logistic issues as it is automatically fed with updated TAM data, as well as reach curves from Facebook, Google and other media groups. The data provides information about the ability of each media to generate reach for a number of impressions and related cost.

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Unicorn is a campaign management tool that allows users to track campaign performance anytime during the campaign period. After inputting all relevant campaign details in Unicorn such as Advertiser, Product, Campaign Goals and Budgets, you can create PDF Pre Reports to be send directly to your clients, monitor active campaigns against goals and estimated TRP delivery and easily send out post reports to your clients when campaigns are finished.


Unicorn also features powerful reports that enable the users to keep track of key information such as: prices paid across time, advertisers and agencies. You can create a number of different reports in Unicorn to meet a range of requirements. For example, you may wish to get an overview of the average TRP price paid for a client in 2015 or perhaps you would like to benchmark different agencies in a group against each other. There are very few limits to the amount of information regarding your campaigns that you can extract from Unicorn.

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Ad TrackerAd Tracker

The Ad tracker is designed specifically to Advertisers and allows direct and instant access to the advertisers TV campaign performance. The Ad tracker monitors the TV campaign, which the advertisers media agency is buying, and reports on the agreed KPI’s for the campaign as well as the individual spots on a daily basis.

The Ad Tracker ensures that all campaign performance and formats are streamlined and consistent across countries, regardless of the media agency the advertiser is using in any given market.

The Ad Tracker application is available in 60+ countries enabling an advertiser to consolidate all TV campaign performance in one application and ensuring that data and format is consistent across all countries.


Depending on the availably of data, digital campaign performance can also be added to the Ad tracker.

TechEdge is an independent supplier of software and have no stake in the performance of the campaigns. The Ad Tracker simply reports the actual performance and reports the data against the KPI’s which have been set for each individual campaign.

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Integrated Engine AccessIntegrated Engine Access

The IEA (Integrated Engine Access) can be facilitated through a REST API – and gives the ability to connect directly to the engine via an AdvantEdge installation extracting a defined template, created by the end users in AdvantEdge, and export it as json.

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Instar Analytics APIInstar Analytics API

Integrated Engine Access which allows access to Instar Desktop calculations from third-party or in-house applications, through a REST API.
Accessible from any platform through Internet.

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Automated ReportingAutomated Reporting

Avoid spending time on manual report generation and improve your business productivity with Automated Reporting.

With the ‘Automated Reporting’ feature enabled in AdvantEdge, users can automatically export saved report templates on a pre-defined schedule or as soon as new data becomes available. TechEdge will upload the data to an FTP site, SFTP server or Google Cloud Storage each time a report is generated, and users can choose to receive an email notification with a link to download the report. This solution is ideal for automating your regular reporting requirements.

The ’Automated Reporting’ feature is an add-on to AdvantEdge and is available for a small premium on the AdvantEdge license fee.
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Break EstimatorBreak Estimator

The Break Estimator is the link between the scheduling department and ad sales department. The Break estimator is designed to read a future break schedule and quickly and easily estimate the performance of the break schedule in multiple target groups. The Break Estimator is linked directly to the scheduling and play out systems at a broadcaster.


Its graphical user interface is designed to allow the user to easily filter information, manually change estimates or change parameters on multiple targets groups.This makes it a very powerful and user friendly tool for supporting the decision making process around commercial break estimation.

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Log ExtenderLog Extender

The Log Extender is designed to easily harmonize program titles and other program attributes. In addition to harmonizing data in the official program logs the Log Extender allows you to add internal information to the program logs such as production company, acquisition cost, extended genre classification etc.


Once a title is harmonized new episodes will automatically be linked to the harmonized title and changes to data back in time will be handled automatically. All data changes will instantly be available in AdvantEdge for analysis.

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